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You have seen our Mirror Bunny rocking the stage of Color Day Festival , at Tv shootings or at Social media. We present you the First Mirror Bunny act in Greece *exclusive* by Vproject Artists. This bunny can dance, can perform choreography or stilt walking. If you are looking for shows with "Wow" Factor, you are in the right page!!!

  • Mirror disco bunny will lead the dancing and get everyone having a great time

  • Our bunny walkabout’s exceptional mirror costume will catch the light and throw sparkling illuminations across your venue

  • Loves to meet and greet, mix and mingle and loves to burst out some disco moves on the dance floor with guests as well as on stage or performing choreographed routines

  • Also available on stilt performance or for surprise welcome act

Alien Mirror Costumes

  • LED-MIRROR dance act with light and colorful refelctions . Our super high tech costumes and props are one the best & our show is unique and mesmerizing.

    These performers are the perfect entertainment for corporate events that are looking for something unique and are also an excellent addition to a wide range of private functions. With their detailed costumes and entertaining personalities, these walkabout characters can reflect any theme.

    >> For more information on our reflective characters and dancers, simply get in  contact  today

Mirror Dancers - stage show

  • If you want to entertain your guests with a fantastically unique stage show, our Mirror Dancers might just be the act you are looking for. 

  • Our Mirror Dancers are dressed head to toe in mirrored polished silver costumes and have rather magnificent headpieces. 

  • Featuring a cast of 4 to 6 dancers, this futuristic dance show is an spectacular stage show intended for enues and high-end events or corporate.

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