Meet us

Group of artists sited in Greece

Jugglers , fire performers , dancers , samba shows , led robot, burlesque, oriental dancers and more.

It is a unique mixture of fires, sparks and dancing combined with elements of a more theatrical nature to compose a multilayered vision of ongoing development to consist a travel through spectacular performances & amazing shows.


f we would have to make an effort to describe it, all we could give is some hints on the very basic of the elements that compose it

- Highly skilled fire and spark performances. ​Our fire shows are able to body burn, eat fire and also breath fire for that extra WOW factor

-Freestyle or choreographed DANCING PERFORMANCES with custom costumes.

-Custom designed and crafted metal FIRE FANS, uv-light wings, victoria secret's style WINGS, fire headpieces and other equipment.

- Led robot show with full led light-up, have laser-beams on their hands, and over 1,000 LED lights on their custom suits that can be set to any color or change colors to the beat of the music!

Streams of sparks that can grow higher than 2m, special effects ribbons. Also firework show with firework fans or pois.

A sparkly violin that will ask you to watch its music, toying with the limitations of senses

"An endless passion for fire and lust that we aspire to spread in the hearts of those who want to share it with us."

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