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Beautiful and enchanting Mermaids for hire for any type of event all over the world. These mermaids can perform in water or as meet and greet acts on land.

Whether you have your own pool or you’re hiring one out, we help create the most magical mermaid parties imaginable! Your mermaid will play a whole host of water themed games.

Our swimming mermaid parties are the closest thing to being in a real life fairy tale.

  • An amazing aquatic performance that sees mermaids come to life!

  • Mesmerising for both adults and children alike, it's an extremely versatile entertainment option

  • Watch in awe as our mermaids perform a variety of complex underwater routines

No water? No problem! Our mermaids can perform outside water too – no H2o required! 

Our incredibly mermaids can also sit by pools, welcome your guests at your sea themed event and even do bubble tricks. We use only the highly quality handmade tails which means our mermaids truly looks like they have come from a magical underwater world such as Atlantis.

Giant Ouster Shell

  • Perfectly positioned on the centre of this giant inflatable oyster shell, this real-life mermaid will sure become the talking point at your party!

  • A stunning addition to your event decor, the oyster can be lit up with rgb led lights, which makes it especially suitable for dark environments and also corporate and promotional events. Whether you’d like a mermaid or any other performer to entertain crowds, there is a wide range of entertainers such as acrobats or contortionists who can perform their routines inside the oyster.

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